Horror! Remained pregnant 13 times, only to not ...!!!

A true horror lived Susanne Wise, who for 10 years was ... married to Jason Wise! As Susan said, the only period not beat her husband, was when she got pregnant, it was the reason that it was 13 times! Her husband physically abused for many years in a row, but she was afraid to denounce the police. The last time when she was very ill physically violated by her husband in 2009, when, after the brutal beating police intervened after the denunciation made ​​by the hospital where she was admitted for treatment! The couple, for 10 years that were made ​​4 children! Susanne spoke about her experience and bitter history of television, to give courage to other women who may be on the same stage and no one knows, and women do not hesitate or avoid serious problems with spouses and to report them to the authorities