What to eat during the summer?

Vera, besides relaxation and entertainment, and brings with breaking food rules.Meetings with friends and add them together and add cases for meals consumed less abundant and more balanced with relatives and friends, who have difficult to meet during the year. For not giving up the pleasures of the table during the summer, here are some suggestions to: - Start the day with a good breakfast. Often, when we are at work, the rapid pace of morning does not give us much opportunity to eat breakfast, which in fact constitutes the most important meal of the day. At this stage of the day starts production of key hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, etc.. Breakfast is the best time to consume the fruits of the season. - Eat vegetables at every meal. Vegetables are a rich source antioksiduesish, fiber, vitamins and oligomineral, should be present in every meal on the table at least once a day is required to be consumed baked and grilled. - To define in detail dinner. The evening meal is the most difficult to digest during the holidays. In addition to the vegetables mentioned above, try to eat a phyllo dish (pasta) different. Should always keep in mind to avoid the consumption of salami and cheese. - Take as little salt as possible to the plate. Salt is not advisable for anyone, and not just for those who have heart problems and those who suffer from high blood pressure. The use of spices is depending on tastes. - Limit alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks. Classic glasses of wine during meals makes very good digestive and cardiovascular disease prevention. - Add physical activity. No one can or should give up acrobatic movements, a walk in the mountains or by the sea, makes everyone better. - Avoid foods that make you hurt or allergies. - Drink water as desired, but should know that adding water to wine drinking should be done after due to sweat, we lose a lot of fluids and it is necessary to drink as much, if not dehydrated skin.