Bicycle from Bosnia to the U.S., after his girlfriend

A young man will make a very bold step - will travel by bicycle from Sarajevo to the U.S., where it will go after his girlfriend called Selma. 18-year-old Aydin Hodzic will go into the Boise Idaho has spoils air distance of 9,000 kilometers from Bosnia. "I have known Salman accidentally turning schools. After several exits, the connection started. However, one day I heard from a friend that she would go to America and immediately parted. But several months later, and has resumed connection, the connection is lasting from 18 December 2011. " "The last time we saw last year. When I told him my plan and way of going there, it was a bit confusing, much like everyone else when they heard this. But she knows that I would do everything for him, "Aydin portal showed He said that the journey will begin in September, and during the remaining will try to find a sponsor to help. Ocean ships will pass, and believes that the whole route will take about four months. From the U.S. will return by plane.