Kleoniki Delijorgji: I would like to sfiloja for "Victoria's Secret"

Miss of the year with two crowns and is only 16 years old. Kleoniki Delijorgji selected as the 2012 "Miss Albania" and "Miss Globe", recounts the life of a girl who gives importance to time, love and ambition for a career in fashion and to touch sfilatat "Victoria's Secret". In this interview reveals the secrets of spiritual harmony and priorities that have to be not just a beautiful girl.

Niki, once you realize a set of sensual photographs, returning to public attention after two crowns of beauty "Miss Albania" Miss Globe "last year. Already aspiring fashion world?
Yes, and I realized pictures with the agency "Bindi Model" are made for a magazine and book normally for my un-like patterns.

You're still a miss in force, as is enjoying this special year for you and what gifts you have received so far in the field of fashion?
I definitely got some offers in the field of fashion, which does not want to talk specifically not officially signed a contract with one of them.
Has your life changed now as the girl revealed the fairest of the year?
I continue to live it as my peers. I go to school, study and sometimes get in free time.

What is the direction that will take the studies?
"Fashion Design" or psychology, but to be honest I have not chosen yet.
You're only 16 years old, I can reveal to us your most ambitious so far?
Propagated to the fashion world.

For designers who want to sfilosh, which is your footbridges dreaming?
I would like to sfiloja for Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Ferragamo. But my dream is to sfiloj for Victoria's Secret.

What attracts them to style? Most everyone likes the style and look of their class. Besides Victoria's Secret, that is a dream that I had have realized that small.
You have attempted to contact or start the application procedure?
Since I am only 16 years old and has not yet been a year of my marriage as "Miss Albania", I have not had enough time to create a photo album with extensive, in order to impress firms at this level . But this will be my commitment this time.

How important do you see the existence of love in life, in this moment that I can talk to affirm that you are in love?
Time is valuable and I try to use investing for themselves without giving importance to love, although I think all of us would not were nothing without love.
Criterion is beauty for you and for men, beauty gives importance if it was for a partner? Male beauty is a plus, but do not pull a guy who is nice, if there are other things to give more of his character.

Before the mirror I feel beautiful, but ugly
As will be desired miss-i, which will adhere to the crown this year?
As I, because I think a little of everything (laughs).
Eternal Beauty is not known, but as you take care to maintain the ideal format?
So my metabolism works and is not that cater for food, but consume more fruits and salads.
Such a miss resolved that transmits positive energy, how to cure the soul and mind? (Laughs) I give importance only things of value, this is the best way.

First say to yourself what statement? Hmmm, depends. Some days I say to myself: "You're very beautiful Niki, you're fantastic," and then there are days that I say to myself: "Why are you so ugly?" (Laughs) Your biggest fear, what is? People who want to lose more. The greatest folly have you done? Many things ... (laughs) Your relationship with money? I do not own money, so I have no relationship with them. The most common dream that you see? My career. PanoramaPlus