Alketa ng: Edi is my idol permanent

Convention on the second day of the Socialist Party has introduced ng Alketa recognized that the public has come to suprizojë its media presence. At the start of the presentation she held a speech about the reasons why he was there. "I'm not socialist, but one thing is sure that it will vote for Albania, Edi Rama, I am convinced that in Albania the rejuvenated left and right will be able to gdhihen ngrysen of free will without fear Edin be with or against him. I hope that he is our new Prime Minister. It is an image of my adolescence, my generation, the only politician who can calmly think my vote. I was 14 when I first met this character. I can tell you that it is the only culture minister who can remember ", - said Veisiu. "I believe that it changed Tirana, Albania will change", - said the ng. "Transformed into a capital Tirana wind that keeps Europe. He is a man reborn and restored Tirana Albania's capital lost between compost. I believe that my vote does not seek power but to follow the dream to transform Albania into the country deserve ", - confessed ng, presenter of" The X Factor "in" TV Klan. "