Zajmina Vasjari: This time will see more "hard" and "hot"

Will appear as "hard" and "hot" in its clip younger. Zajmina Vasjari speaks for itself and her life out in this interview clips for "Panorama Plus". The market feels like singing, the love and the changes that will make life after the age of 30 years. Zajmina, return with a clip which used heavy artillery war in his images. Why this idea? I tried to adapt the text of the song's video idea. I did this in order to relate to one another clip with the song, and not just some scenes were beautiful, but also meaningful. I love singing often, but you're about to dominate or lead partner like? I think that should be mutual, because each partner has his moment of dominance. How do you feel in competition with other singers, how would you define race between you? Do not look at all like a race. I try to enjoy everything in this profession, do not stress out and turn everything negative to positive in the future. Are before the election, you have got an offer to sing in concerts campaign? Yes, I got, even this weekend and will be concerts in several cities in the streets. What is life that makes cameras out, in which countries takes more numerous invitations to concerts? My life in this period is very busy with activities. More numerous invitations to musical evenings are from Kosovo and in the diaspora, mainly where there are more Albanians. I do not know which country to disentangle, because really that delight and savor the maximum time'm somewhere concert. In that year career as a screen girl, what are the mistakes from which you learn? In most cases, I realized that there must always believe if people do not want to get hurt. Once I afeksionohem quickly with persons who spend time for work reasons or whatever, and the conclusion is that most of them disappoint, as are the two faces. Seeking to take advantage of you and want to make it worse in every way. It is unfortunate, but show business has the following drawbacks. 30 years, I see myself as Your daily ritual which is, like to make a life out of sight? I do not like where I know I can fotografohem. I'm tired of these things, but this does not mean that I do not live a normal life. I go to school in the morning, drink coffee, read, because most of the time busy studying. I like to eat out, and may even make long trips just to go somewhere to eat. Prefer cinema, gym, shopping, etc.. In its decisions in life, gives more importance to feelings or makes account? No, do not account. Always guided by feelings. If you talk about your preferences for men, tough guys like you, gentle, beautiful or appearance does not matter for you? There will never be a choice can do so superficial. For me the most important is to love his character. Many girls become mothers display recent years. But how close you can see it change your life? It is still early for me, I actually primary school. How do you imagine yourself 30 years, what has changed in your life? I think that many things will have changed, but mainly in the professional, as will be fully dedicated architecture. ]]