Here's what should not ignore pain

Maybe you carry a great weight, and you feel pain in the joints, or you eat more sweets, causing pain in your stomach. But sometimes pain can be a sign of something serious. Anyone who thinks the phrase, ‘suffering which you have no direction to escape “, certainly thought the pain. Nobody wants it and nobody asks, but through the pain, the body signals that something is wrong. You probably know your body enough, to know that the light afflictions passable and which can sometimes occur. Some types of pain you must not ignore. We asked the experts, cardiologists, internists and psychiatrists, who are the ones hardships / pains which must be requested medical assistance. Strong headache - Definitely seek medical help. If you are cold, perhaps the question is just a sinus headache. However, the strong kokëdhimjes cause can be something very, very dangerous, as the tumor or aneurism. - Pain or discomfort in the chest, throat, jaw, shoulder, hand or stomach - Pain in the chest may indicate lung ignition or any disorder of the heart. However, you should be aware that heart problems begin with pain and no pain. Patients with heart problems say they feel some pressure in the chest.