BB6, decomposed Elona shows for her family Disasters

TIRANA-decomposed Elona Finally, Big Brother resident who refuses to share with residents the privacy of the home television. In the living room is Elona, ​​Eldoret and Rikja, which start talking to each other, telling stories from life. Elona begins to show moments of bitter sister and her family. It shows that her sister had two marriages, which brought her concerns and by Elonesa family, her sister did not make the right choices because of her age at the time of choosing a new human life . It shows that after the first divorce, sister knew another man, who opened their family problems, while sister has managed to establish between a choice between family and her boyfriend, and has managed to elect sister's boyfriend . Elona shows that in this period the mother was badly ill with an incurable disease which took the life. "It was the time when Mom did not want me or chemotherapy, because it was towards the end," says Elona and then recounts how she felt at the time, seeing her mother so badly and physically transformed, just as there had never seen before. Elona shows that councils were the family doctor should make her feel better and they decided to bring in Albania to his mother who was still alive and her sisters, but due to the deterioration of her health condition is required to return soon in Paris. Elona shows that the mother has departed this life without her daughter met then Elonesa sister and little niece had grown themselves as sisters had made such a choice. "Although later had more time to recover, as it has remained hostage," says Elona. Finally Elona says the most important thing in this world is the family, which accompanies a lifetime, because it is your blood and everything else comes and goes. According Elonesa, beautiful everything comes to an end one day, but should never forget the family. "Therefore I advocate that day," she says Rica. She continues to speak to his mother and said that there were a lot of great suffering, as has first to suffer for a whole year. "It's hard to say, but perhaps it would be better to have died of a thing than just fast," said Elona. Rikja shows that her uncle had the same fate.