PSY is why there came to Tirana

Unlike what was trumpeted, Friday May 18, Korean rapper never seemed in no more fuss kryeqytetit.Me club was warned PSY coming to a concert in one of the clubs that will be opened in Tirana. However, everything has resulted in a multitude of useless, since Friday 18 May, Korean rapper is not showing any club in the capital. It was all a lie, or what? The reason that happened is posted on the club's official website where you will perform and where teksualisht read: "Dear friends, due to a significant event in the USA, PSY is pushing European dates including the date in Albania. as a result the opening will be postponed for May 24! soon will notify you of the new date PSY ". However, the club where the staff will perform PSY wanted to specify that it is simply not an extension and cancellation of the event. While the new date of arrival PSY remains to be learned in the days ahead.