Look What happens in our bodies hours after drinking a Coca-Cola?

Turkish scholar Prof. Dr. Karataj gentleman, spoke about the damages to 60 minutes a glass of Coca-Cola. He has classified these damages in 8 categories: 1) The first 10 minutes: Your blood absorbs 10 sheqer.Kjo teaspoon is 100 times greater than the daily dose you should take the body. Not causing vomiting of this quantity of sugar, has to do with the content of phosphoric acid in the drink. 2) 20 minutes before: grow more blood sugar level. As a result, the pancreas produces more insulin and excess sugar begins to shape fat deposited in the liver. 3) Within 40 minutes, the entire caffeine has already entered circulation. Blood pressure is increased and more sugar was produced by the liver that goes back to the blood sugar level increases. 4) Within 45 minutes, increases dopamine in the brain structure and promote feelings of happiness. (An effect similar to that of heroin). 5) Within 60 minutes: create a sense of sudden hunger. 6) Again going to drink Coca-Cola and eat sweets. 7) The more you continue this cycle yndyrosja added and the liver and stomach, in all cells of the body develops resistance to insulin and leptin. FAT have already begun and are susceptible to all degenerative diseases.