Elhaida Dan, first semifinalist in "The Voice of Italy"

With a wonderful interpretation, shocking, poignant song Adagio, Elhaida gains exceed the semifinals. "Today put turbo engine" says jury member Pelù assessing the strength of the voice of the girl from Shkodra. "I have broken the lantern in Italian homes" different voice Elhaidës estimates Rafaella Carrà. Verdict given: the first one public, then Cocciante: the envelope with the name of the public vote, Elhaidës name. The fervent applause in the hall of the smiling eyes of four jurors best express that they are of the same opinion: Elhaida deserves to be the first gjysmëfinalistja The voice of Italy. The same thought expressed, Albanian and Italian people online social networks. For many Elhaida is undoubtedly "The Voice" this year.