Bledar Sejko reveals identity in Sweden

It is for the song "Identity", the representative of Albania in the European Festival this year. Bledar Sejko reveals some details of the presentation in Malmo, the processing of the song in Swedish studios, to live performances on May 16 ... "We will have surprises in performance in Malmo on May 16, but did not reveal that now is" BLEDAR Sejko answer when asked how the evening will be presented the Eurovision second semi-regulation, which this year takes place in Sweden . May have booked one of those performances that breathtaking when you see Sejko play electric guitar with his teeth, as during the evening when the song "Identity" was declared winner of the festival season in ART, or something that would experiment for the first time in Scandinavian land for the European public. With two old wasted rockers like BLEDAR Sejko and Adrian Lulgjuraj can expect everything. Sejko prefers to keep some things unsaid, to speak loudly with his guitar. These days, before departing to Sweden finds locked for hours in evidence. Evidence for vocals, stage performance test ... everything should be encapsulated for ambitious competition among 39 countries taking part in the 58th edition of the European Festival. "A race starts to win" - Bledari said, adding that he would do his best scene in the stadium "Venue Malmo Arena". 'But not everything is in my hand ", - he added, which of course, liked the song however, after the manner of voting remains the same, according friendships states. In the video clip representing Albania in the Eurovision official website, conducted a few months ago on the premises of Top Channel studios, the song "Identity" is sung in English. Asked if it could penalize little choice in voting Albania, as well as the comments of Eurovision fans Regulation read that often need to know what song speaks Albanian, Bledari answers "The song has been translated into several languages, but will be sung in Classifieds. Music knows no language, so therefore do not think it will affect negatively, "he continues, adding that while a strong desire to be sung in the original language was also tekstshkrueses Sejko Ed, his wife. While the song is processed in musical studio "Kingside" in Stockholm, a choice of NDC team, as Sweden has seemed much closer to power snatch and the final version of which will be presented on May 16 is shorter than the original, for t 'Eurovision adapting Regulation requirements. Bledari shows that during the tour presenter song in the Netherlands, with the attendance of 25 other competing countries, the song was very well received. "In the face of Eurovision are fifth from the bottom, on the other hand, the Netherlands enormously liked the song. But rather will look to Sweden after evaluation ". They have left behind zhurmnajën charges that arose on the grounds that the song had a Serbian saga, which counts as a composer Sejko BLEDAR threw it all down, stating that the song's motives are the foundations of Albanian folk music, the dances and tropojanja they Cham. "I am often based on folklore, - reveals Sejko for his creativity. -The song 'I am Albanian' motives'm based in Cham, while the "Legend of Hero"'m based in North folklore. Even in five of the songs that I composed for the group "Thunder Way"'m based mainly in North folklore. To rely on folklore in your country is a good thing, so my identity is entirely Albanian song "- Sejko answers. In participation of Albania in the European Festival seems to have been almost annual selection of folk songs and ballads with local motifs. Or maybe Albanian composers should start to see beyond? "I do not think that any participation in the 'Eurovision' Albania to participate with songs based on folklore. But it is good that each composer when writing a song, or rely on folk music of his country easily, then our music that can be identified throughout the world, as is the case with Italian, Greek, etc. ". A musician finding as symbolic of the union, which adding the current exceeds the limits snatch, becoming cosmopolitan. Perhaps the latter is the true identity of the song, which makes the opposites of the rhythms rock sound beautiful. Perhaps it will be booked another good surprise for Sejko, as after 20 years of absence in the song festival scene, where he was ranked last in the group 'Thunder Way', managed to prevail. Perhaps the final climb up to catch some of the highest ranked countries ... maybe even win. All will be revealed on the evening of 16 May, the Swedish scene of the stadium. Even Sejko hides surprises ... Somario "The song has been translated into several languages, but will be sung in English. Music knows no language, so therefore I do not think that it would adversely affect " "In the face of Eurovision are fifth from the bottom, on the other hand, the Netherlands enormously liked the song. But rather will look to Sweden after evaluation ".]]