"Big Brother" shocking statements banores

Leviathan and Edberi have doubts thaRikjta is infiltrated resident and seek the opinion Joanës about their doubts. While Joanna is another question for Riken. Edberi ask for this question, as it has discussed this with Anaidin day. Joanna begins to show doubts that the Riken that can be les bike, even if that means not to speak about her private life. Boys and wondering if she may use this during the game and wondering how safe it is for this that means. Joanna said security for the authenticity of this fact and says “Facebook“ can come to learn many truths and also shows that I know everything from her daily. Joanna shows that Riken know many things that people do not know yet. She says Rikja not so much friends as says there are no travel so much, it shows. “I worked in a firm known as meaning” - tells Joanna, and also comments on her outfits, which are not expensive, as it shows Rikja. Joanna Rikja shows that there are many photos of her daughter on the social network “Facebook“